ScanmarQED Launches a new data visualization solution to measure brand and market performance

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ScanmarQED launches a new data visualization solution to measure brand and market performance.

Cross-source Analytics and Marketing Mix Modelling on One Platform.

If you ever thought that it was a time-consuming process to load and review multiple marketing data sources for your brand, then salvation may be at hand.

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our Harmonized Market Insights (HMI) solution which lets you integrate multiple marketing data sources into a single system ready for cross-source analysis, marketing mix modeling and other valuable analytical activities. However, if it’s just a case of supporting data integration we also support the integration of your marketing mix model results direct from our strataQED tool and back into HMI.

As such, HMI can become the hub for your marketing insights – managing the data for analysis and then allowing you to easily share the findings with stakeholders.

Once loaded, these modules provide you with valuable insights on how to best allocate your marketing budgets and achieve your targets.


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