ScanmarQED’s Insights2Go launched at JDE

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The implementation of Insights2Go and 37 custom dashboards at JDE are finalized with the user training.

Instead of manually creating dashboards, JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS can now use the analytical solution to gain specific insights into the drivers behind the performance of their brands. Multiple data sources are now integrated and enriched with a new algorithm and can be accessed from one tool.

This project comes with a few perks for JDE:

  • Easy to use reporting and analysis tool
  • Faster and more efficient integration of data from multiple sources
  • More efficient generation of reports, resulting in more freed up time for analysis
  • One access tool, standardized measures, harmonized version of truth
  • Less dependency on individuals for generating reports, resulting in less manual errors and better continuity.

The hard work has paid off and marks the start of the better way of working.

Congratulations to JDE on their Go-live.