Improved Dashboard Navigation with MarketingTracker 5.14

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Dare to do more. Do more with your data, do more with your dashboards and start sharing your insights with your colleagues. MarketingTracker 5.14 is here for you.

Building on MarketingTracker 5.13, MarketingTracker 5.14 is blazing exciting new paths for automating tasks. After the exciting Projects release primarily targeted at our agency users, the focus is now on features that make it easier to bring your dashboards together and start sharing insights. You can do more with your data!

Highlights of 5.14

MarketingTracker 5.14 is the latest release of ScanmarQED’s Brand and Marketing Insights Platform for Marketing and Sales experts and Intelligence Managers. Let’s look at the highlights of this version.

Dashboarding to tell the whole story

With multiple dashboards the whole story can be told. This is why we’ve given special attention to making it easier to move back and forth between dashboards. All while maintaining focus on the specific aspect you’re investigating. Building seamless navigation between dashboards is now simplified.

Export Dashboards to Excel

You are now able to export all dashboard information in one go to Excel! Dashboards combine multiple tables and charts (reports) into a single overview. This new feature gives you flexibility to export the complete dashboard or to select which reports to exclude from the export.

Easy sharing

For better collaboration you can share exactly what is displayed on your screen. Make a selection in a report, share it as a link, and then click send. Your colleagues receive the report with your exact selections and can easily take things further from there.

Updated Excel loader

Your data is big and complex, but your toolset should not be. With our new Excel loader, we’re enabling our clients to easily add and maintain their own Excel-based data marts and dashboards to MarketingTracker.

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