The Future Role of CMI - Consumer Marketing Intelligence Event

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ScanmarQED, in cooperation with The House of Insights, organizes the 2019 Consumer Marketing Intelligence Event.


This event is a gamechanger for how you think about your own role and future. Consumer Marketing Intelligence can take several roles or modes, which vary from getting extinct, survive and also even business leadership. It all depends on the role you choose to be, and how CMI as a profession will develop.

Learn about the future of Consumer Marketing Intelligence and meet other CMI professionals.

We look forward to welcoming you at the CMI event!

Where and when?

  • Event date: November 2019
  • Location: Utrecht Area
  • Entrance: free


1. Points of view

Changes in research and the data landscape
Paul Kessels, VP Research Business, ScanmarQED

CMI as Business Partner
Sergey Pletnev, Heineken CMI

CMI as Analytics Translator
Sjoerd Koornstra, owner The House of Insights

CMI as Capability Owner
Han Meijer, CEO ScanmarQED

2. Panel discussion

Panel Chairman
Bert Borggreve, CMI Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Panel members
Sergey Pletnev, Sjoerd Koornstra, Han Meijer

3. Informal gathering and get to know each other