Marketers across a wide range of industries are leveraging techniques that quantify the business impact of marketing, ScanmarQED is bringing this capability to hospitals. By adopting marketing mix modeling, your marketing and analytics teams will better understand the impact of both digital and traditional marketing spend, providing justification for marketing budgets and leading to more efficient plans; this is often used alongside CRM system analysis to provide alternate points of view.

Using models to inform tactic allocations will increase media efficiency, help identify media saturation, and define how long it takes for marketing tactics to have their full impact. ScanmarQED is already working with several of the largest hospitals in the country to calculate media ROI and drive meaningful changes in patient acquisition; we would love to help yours, too.

Build Models

Build powerful models to understand what drives your business

Set Strategy

Identify optimal budgets across your entire portfolio


Apply modeled learnings to create data-driven plans.

Client Benefits

  • Improve marketing accountability within your hospital.
  • Assign and prove ROI for each media driver.
  • Take control of the data, the findings, and the planning.
  • Inform current allocations and optimize budgets to drive better results.
  • Deliver results on your schedule, eliminate the backlogs of outsourcing.
  • Gain the full perspective that only comes from in-house analysis.

Discover More

ScanmarQED’s Marketing Mix software suite removes the black box surrounding traditional mix modeling programs and contains an advanced data repository tool that allows users to import and manage multiple data files simultaneously. Machine learning technology allows each user to build high-quality models that explain all drivers influencing business performance. Models can be exported to standard business spreadsheets, used to forecast and optimize media plans, or imported into a flexible reporting application

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