Automate and scale your marketing-mix-modeling capability

Use our streamlined workflow to review data, build models, optimize plans, and share results.

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Integrate sales and marketing data. Automatically generate and share your model results.

Our MMM2Go solution enables your teams to integrate all their sales and marketing data into one platform, unlocking the power in marketing mix modeling. Once built, finished models flow seamlessly from our strataQED  tool into our pre-built MarketingTracker workflow. This eliminates the need for manual deck writing, allowing entire teams instant access to the insights they need. Our process also generates a normative database of results across your entire portfolio, creating strategic value and enabling meta-insights.

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Enhance your visibility, improve your scalability, and share your results instantly

Integrated and repeatable data collection & review process

All data owners can easily verify and comment on data

Model results are automatically published for easy sharing

Increased visibility and scalability

Specifications & features

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Data Integration

•API connection •Flat File Loader •Outlier Detection

MMM Results Reports

•Brand Painting •ROI Reports •Response Curves


•Storyboarding •Comments

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Introduction to MMM2Go


Introduction to MMM2Go

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