2Go Applications

“Reinventing the wheel” is not just an expression but it rather is a reality we encounter way too often. Of course, all of our clients deal with challenges that are unique to their organization, but more often than not, their challenges are not that unique as one might think. 2GO applications aim to deliver accepted marketing thinking in bite-size chunks to our clients. They focus on a single topic and try to explain what and why things are happening in your market, explained from their domain point-of-view.

​How does it work?

2Go applications guide you through changes in your market(s). Always asking just a few simple questions:

  • What has changed?
  • What is driving this change?
  • Is it a trend or incident?
  • How can I remedy this? (optional)

Ready-to-use 2Go databases with belonging sets of dashboards and analyses are available to you now for the domains of retail analytics (Insights2Go), promotion analysis (Promo2Go), brand equity (Brand2Go), customer experience (Experience2Go) and advertisements (Ad2Go). After linking your data source(s) and applying the customizations you require, you are able to analyze market changes over time – and share these with your colleagues - in just a fraction of the time this used to take until now.

Who is it for?

Each 2Go-application is aimed at specific marketing- & sales-roles in your organization. Visit the individual product pages to learn who benefits most.

Inputs required

The 2Go marketing data sources required differ for the various products and include e.g. e-POS data from IRI or Nielsen and survey and panel data from companies like GfK and Kantar but can also be based on other sources you have available yourself in your organization. Contact us for the possibilities.

Client benefits

Key client benefits are:

  • A clear, guided approach for analyzing your market changes
  • Signaling functionality to show larger, significant changes over time based on your criteria
  • Self-updating reports and dashboards set-up in your corporate style, allowing you to quickly share them within your business
  • A power database engine based on proven OLAP technology
  • Support available from highly experienced ScanmarQED staff

Does this sound interesting to you? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.