What is FastTrack?

We believe that less time should be spent on structuring and accessing information and more time should be spent on what to do with that information. Being a dedicated Marketing Research solution, FastTrack offers research agencies a software platform, that enables back-end automation combined with supreme front-end visualization. With FastTrack an agency and its research clients, can easily create the story behind the data. FastTrack does not offer a static representation of survey results, but an interactive and dynamic environment based on respondent level data with supreme visualization and analyzing capabilities.

FastTrack offers research agencies a software platform, that enables back-end automation combined with supreme front-end visualization

How does it work?

Together with the agency we create the data model that fits with the type of solutions the agency typically offers. The same applies to the visualization preferences; with FastTrack we can define what and in which way we want to visualize the information (dashboards). Once this has been done the data model together with the visualization preferences, acts as a template that can be re-used with many clients for many projects. Survey data can be loaded automatically in the data model. New or different questions can be easily added, client house-styles and specific visualization preferences too, FastTrack is flexible and provides you custom made features that will enable you to distinguish yourself as an agency with the dashboards you offer to your clients.

Inputs required

FastTrack supports a variety of survey data formats (e.g. Dimensions). With the automatic data loaders new survey data can be automatically added to the data model. This is relevant for repetitive studies like tracking where you have weekly or monthly results. FastTrack “understands” typical marketing research aspects like missing, gap, not asked, existence and the difference between them etc. Next to the data itself it can import questionnaire properties to provide the necessary context to the data. FastTrack can also host, combine and visualize non-survey data that is relevant to your client.

Who is it for?

FastTrack is developed for the marketing research agencies. The dashboards generated by the FastTrack platform are being used by the agencies clients to offer them an interactive and up to date environment where the data is visualized in a compelling and attractive way.

Client benefits

Key client benefits are:

  • Short throughput time: time needed to create bespoke looking online dashboards is relatively short
  • Self-service: 95% of the work done can be done by an agency so little impact on direct costs
  • Fantastic graphical appeal: no “one size fits all” approach; look and feel easily customized
  • Cost efficient: Lower costs compared to traditional reporting; substantial savings feasible
  • Enhanced value: generate more potential insights/ flexibility than with traditional reporting
  • MR specialized: MR (methodology/data) aware both in the front as in the backend
  • Highly scalable: learn once, apply often

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