Creating Visualizations

Many organizations work with visualization tools that function well with internal sales data and are easily coupled with Excel, but that lack the kind of robust data analysis and visualization options essential in today's business world. These such tools often lack the capability to integrate with or connect to all the data sources available to marketing departments, making the marketers' job a difficult one.

Consequences of inaction

The consequences of working with these kinds of tools is a lack of flexible access to all data sources. Some facts may be displayed in simple charts or tables, but without full access to all the data and the right visualization capacity marketers are at a loss to retrieve the smart and meaningful insights they require for their reports. Indeed, without the ability to "see" the big picture, they are unable to make those timely calls for action that can deeply affect business.

Potential Gains

Our visualization tools allow you to create your own (custom) analytical and visualization solution in one platform. Our ready-2-run “ 2Go” applications with embedded smart insights, dashboard navigation and all data sources, enable you to see all the relevant insights you need for the most important marketing topics like brand health, advertising tracking, promotional analysis, category analysis and more.


Our data analysis and visualization tool (MarketingTracker) is specifically developed to connect with many and integrated data sources in one go. You have direct access to all the data views you need. Create, save, update and refresh your data views as new data becomes available. Apart from providing you with robust data analysis, the tool is developed to cater for unlimited types of dashboards, navigation, and note sharing, as well as email and PowerPoint. Greater analytical power and insightful visualizations, all in one platform.