What is Ad2Go?

A tablet displaying the Ad2Go software

Ad2Go provides access to multiple advertisement marketing sources in one solution. It provides access to all of your advertisement efforts and results, allowing you to combine media plans with detailed audience measurements or to combine and benchmark advertisement pre-tests. Analyze all available media data such as media reach, spend and/or audience composition – all within a single environment.

How does it work?

A set of dashboards and analyses is customized to meet the advertisement data sources of the client organization. This set is then enriched allowing the client users to easily identify benchmarked advertisement performances as well as analyse the performance of different media channels. Intuitive navigation allows for easy access to all analyses as well as the ability to export the data tables to Microsoft Excel, or via dashboards to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Inputs required

Ad2Go can work with a multitude of sources and will be configured based on the sources you provide. ScanmarQED includes the exact outing and creates evolving benchmarks based on the sources provided.

Sources can include trended advertisement awareness, media habits data, advertisement pre- and/or post-test, media plans, audience measurements (on and offline), and other relevant media sources.

Who is it for?

Ad2Go would be of most benefit to Brand Marketing and Marketing Management professionals who want to track the effectiveness of the advertisements they are running. Additionally, we can also offer you modelling expertise so that you can see how to get the best return from your media investments.

Client benefits

Key client benefits are:

  • A clear, guided way of reviewing continuous advertisement / media measurements
  • Signalling functionality to show significant changes over time or under/over-performing advertisements based on the available benchmarks
  • Reports and dashboards set-up in your corporate style, allowing you to quickly share them within your business
  • A power database engine based on proven OLAP technology allowing for combining data across countries and categories
  • Available support from highly experienced ScanmarQED staff
  • Option to model media spend for optimal media ROI

Does this sound interesting to you? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss options with you.