marketing tracker

MarketingTracker is a powerful tool that integrates a variety of internal and external data sources, allows you to create the reports you need, then share them through state-of-the-art visualization dashboards on site or on the go.

What it can do for your business

MarketingTracker consolidates all your internal and external brand and market-oriented data sources into one single convenient application. Its powerful analytical dashboards and data analysis features satisfy even the most advanced power user: drill down, drag and drop, slice and dice, pivot and split metadata without the need for running complex queries. Data visualization graphics allow for easy-to-read charting and forecasting features, such as traffic light KPI visuals, business process alerting and color-coded decomposition analysis charts.

Who it serves for

A man using Harmonized Market Insights software

MarketingTracker would be of most benefit to Trade Marketing and Sales & Marketing Management professionals.

Key features:

  • Plug & play data sources with the correct dimensions
  • All time bases included (MAT, rolling, YTD)
  • Standard measures including indexing and percentages
  • Correct product and customer hierarchies
  • Proper solutions for statistical reliability and missing data

Other key benefits include easy navigation between dashboards, state-of-the-art graphics and powerful OLAP data marts.

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Using our MarketingTracker software with a smart retailer POS data integration application, a major consumer healthcare producer can now evaluate their markets and individual outlets very rapidly. This saves a lot of time, which is now spend on extensive analysis. This has helped the business to find out what is going on, where the business can grow additionally and to identify main drivers at shop level. As a result, sales people have a much more targeted approach. This now forms the basis for a new market approach and has identified multi-million revenue gains.

Using ScanmarQED’s MarketingTracker Software Solution, a major beverage company was able to quickly integrate all external market and consumer data sources into one data warehouse, and harmonize all the data points in this big data platform at a record pace of only 6 months. This information platform provided all relevant insights about competing brands, consumer behavior changes and the company performance in channels, and financially. For the first time in history the clients Management Team could make decisions based on this single version of the truth. It enabled them to make more fact-based decisions about prices, distribution, and promotional efforts.

A F500 corporate client brought together all relevant market data in one MarketingTracker Software Solution, which enabled the CMI community to understand market developments in specific markets, globally and adequately monitor the impact of competitor moves. Without this, the client would still be working with 100s of Excel sheets and would be blind to these insights. The system is the cornerstone for the company’s category and product development strategic decisions.

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