What is PlanCaster?

PlanCaster is the ultimate forecasting tool for the FMCG/CPG industry.

How does PlanCaster work?

PlanCaster excels as a business-oriented solution that can effortlessly handle the essential elements of event and promotion planning within the FMCG/CPG industry. PlanCaster uses required statistical methods to calculate forecasts, but keeps all that behind the scenes by providing an easy-to-use interface which enables even the least technical staff member ease of use.

For Forecasting

A close-up of a PlanCaster screen

Every category needs its own forecasting method. Sales planning methods are vital in more promotion-driven markets, especially plan-to-target and spreading/allocation methods. Statistical forecasting methods are typically more suitable for stable categories. With this in mind, we've integrated both these methods into PlanCaster so that even non-statisticians can use them effortlessly:

Key features include:

  • Single/double exponential smoothing
  • Holt-Winters
  • Linear and non-linear trends
  • Seasonal variations
  • Automatic data correction methods
  • Calendar variable effects
  • Regression using exogenous variables

For Budgeting

PlanCaster allows you to automatically predict profit and turnover based on volume forecasts, pricing, discounts and cost rates. Run budgets using “what-if” scenarios then view the effects of additional discounts or special offers at a product/item level for any individual account – in terms of profitability from the lowest SKU level to higher aggregated levels in the product/account hierarchy.

Who is it for?

PlanCaster is fast becoming the favorite tool for sales planning staff and account managers who are struggling to get to grips with their sales and production forecasts.

Key features

  • Baseline calculations e.g. algorithms as used by Nielsen and IRI
  • Cannibalization/steal effects
  • Individual product promotions
  • Multi-product promotions, such as single promotion consisting of several products
  • Planning displays and multipacks
  • Cutting and pasting promotions within a weekly overview calendar

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A close-up of a PlanCaster screen

A global consumer electronic client applied the planning modules of ScanmarQED’s PlanCaster Software Solution to replace their ‘Excel-based’ quarterly reporting cycle. The new software enables the countries to simultaneously create and update quarterly business plans and market estimations, and it facilitates the complete authorizations and BoD reporting. The CEO of the company wrote a thank you letter in which he stated that the new way of working improved the planning cycle from weeks to only a few days, and the discipline and accuracy improved at the same time. Ultimately, the system improved the grip on the sales planning dramatically.

One of the globally leading marketing research agencies dramatically improved the complete ‘data-collection to online-reporting” processes with up to 70% using the MarketingTracker Templated Software Module. Apart from this massive efficiency gain in the project delivery cycle, the new software also enabled complete flexibility in data visualization and dashboard creation in one go, without losing the efficiency gains. Due to MarketingTracker, the agency was able to change the research battlefield by combining client desired flexibility at lower cost levels.

One of the global top 5 dairy companies conducted several marketing mix modelling studies with ScanmarQED’s software solution. This enabled them to create a fact based and clear vision of the category dynamics and brand strategy. The potential ROI improvements were in the range of 25%. This meant that the business could identify growth and profit pockets which potentially led them to transform the business from a decline phase into a steady growth phase again.

A leading fruit company applied the PlanCaster Solution Suite and created a seamless sales and operational process, by integrating the Trade Promotions Planning module with the Demand Planning Modules and process. In one go the company adopted the MarketingTrackerPromo2Go and Insights2Go modules to increase the speed category and promotional insights. Since then the client is now able to understand which promotions contributed to the performance of the brands and the retailers and create the best promotional plan possible.

One of the globally leading FMCG companies integrated the complete Brand Health tracking data in one system with MarketingTracker Software Solution. ScanmarQED also hosted the solution and provided the outsourced data quality and loading services. The system provided a complete dashboard platform, automated core PowerPoint reports and generated a time saving benefit of annually 80 man years.