The complexities of marketing data

Anyone who has ever had to populate a data warehouse with marketing data will have realized that this is no easy task. Countless technical and functional problems can arise, especially when you need to combine external data sources, e.g. Nielsen, IRI, and GfK, with internal data sources such as those created by a sales & marketing department. Most problems are a result of the inherent differences between data sources.

ScanmarQED is known for its expertise in the field of sales & marketing data integration, and its ability to convert this data into practical solutions is unparalleled. At ScanmarQED, we combine this expertise with experience and in-depth knowledge of the various external data sources available to the modern marketer to help bring it all together into one clean and reliable source of truth for decision making.

To create the perfect marketing data warehouse, it is essential that the team creating the warehouse understand the relationships between the data sources and the nature of the data sources themselves. The sources themselves are in a range of formats and often differ in terms of definitions and syntax, as well as differing in terms of granularity and aggregation level. Data nearly always relates to different time intervals and uses different variables that are virtually impossible to integrate with one another – unless, of course, you know how!

Long term experience

ScanmarQED has gained over twenty years of expertise in this field. We model and harmonize data sources by their relevant dimensions, so that you can aggregate data for output to reports and dashboards quickly and accurately. To create powerful analytical models and applications we combine relevant data from a variety of sources with intelligent algorithms. Our solutions are compatible with all types of data warehouse architecture, because the very nature of this data requires a special form of data integration.