Bringing a Managed Service approach to Marketing Mix Modeling

The ever-increasing flow of sales and marketing data which floods into organizations presents a range of challenges to Brand owners. Many of these businesses have found that Marketing Mix analysis and optimization offer significant benefits to them, but to really maximise these benefits these results need to be part of their regular business processes. For organizations lacking a dedicated team of in-house analysts, we are now able to offer a “Modelling as a Service” or MAAS solution.

This MAAS solution enables us to provide your team with frequently updated marketing insights and forecasts. Whether you’re operating in the Packaged Goods industry or the Telecoms sector, our in-house team of experts will be able to provide you with the strategic and tactical Smart Insights you need to optimise your sales and marketing decisions on a regular basis.

Using our HMI, optimiseQED and portfolioQED tools, we can deliver these high quality insights to the specification needed by your teams. Our teams of Business Consultants and Analysts will work with you to design the best approach for your organization given your priorities and data requirements.

Whether you want to know which marketing channel has been the most successful in the last month or how successful your latest marketing campaign is looking, our MAAS team can bring these insights to your desktop.

For more information on what this would mean for your business, please contact one of our consultants.