Advertising & Media

Business Case

For media and advertising agencies, understanding how to deliver campaigns with demonstrable media effectiveness has never been as high up on the agenda as it is today. Whether the client is a long-standing player in the FMCG industry or a new digital startup, there are continuous pressures to deliver accurate and timely data back to clients as well as genuine insights which will help clients succeed. The rise of non-traditional players in this industry, plus distrust and a perceived lack of transparency, presents both a threat and an opportunity.

Consequences of inaction

Failure to deliver on these new “hygiene factors” of clean timely data, plus knowledgeable insights by agencies, has recently contributed to the so-called process of disintermediation – clients going and doing it for themselves – which has been happening in many markets.

Potential Gains from action

This process is not inevitable. Agencies who can share accurate big data advertising insights with their clients and who understand how to be a strategic value creator for their clients will be well placed to succeed in future.

Get things organized - understand and explaining the decision-making process that an agency goes through when devising strategies for their clients will help forward-thinking agencies to develop better and more innovative solutions to their clients.


Agencies need to work out how to share the right data with clients first time. Continuing to send out unstructured spreadsheets which purport to show success, but which demonstrates nothing, is no longer an option. Helping clients to quantify the benefit from campaigns that you run for them and explaining how you will optimize these campaigns is the future. It is also vital that for agencies who wish to become trusted advisors to their clients, they rise above generic reporting and start to express their ideas and concepts to clients in both marketing but also financial terms to build credibility across the client’s organization.