Brand & Consumer Experience

Brand & Audience Insights

Binding your customer to your product or service more closely is all about being there for them. It’s about being on their mind, being accessible to them in every way of the word and about providing them with the right positive experience every time you interact.

Meeting these objectives requires you to understand how customers perceive you, whether they see you in an advertisement or whether they buy your product; it should all contribute to your brand equity or value in their mind.

Using surveys to monitor topics such as brand performance, brand health, advertisement effectiveness, and customer touchpoint analysis can quickly become a costly and time-consuming experience, especially when you are responsible for more than one category or market.

Consequences of inaction

Not understanding who your consumers are and how they perceive you leads to ineffective marketing campaigns and only minimally contributes to your brand salience and brand equity over time.

Equally, when your company interacts with customers in the wrong manner they may be lost to for a long time to come. Potentially together with parts of their social circle. It is therefore key to understand what is happening around you and to utilize the right customer analysis tools.

Potential gains from action

Better understanding your clients or gaining audience insights, continuously building on the image of your product, treating your customers appropriately when they reach out to you -- all of these actions lead to higher customer retention and stronger brand performance. Being able to spot early on when things are about to move in the wrong direction will deliver more revenue to your business in the long run.