Marketing Planning

Business Case

Modern marketers face a dilemma as to how to mix both the flair and invention essential to their role with the need to demonstrate the effectiveness of their decision making. The development of digital marketing which many marketers believed would provide them with a new range of opportunities has simultaneously created challenges.

The reality is that whilst data and knowledge opportunities grow, the insight which the business craves fails to keep pace. Even when insights are identified, there is still the challenge of ensuring that these insights are collected and shared across the organization.

Consequences of inaction

By failing to share meaningful insights across marketing teams, organizations face the prospect of missing out on big potential opportunities loosing ground on more advanced competitors. Even the most able marketers can appear lost and subject to “data blindness” not knowing what the effective actions would be – without a solution that delivers real Smart Insights to their teams at the point of need.

Potential gains from action

Marketers who can get organized in terms of their insights will develop crucial advantages over their competitors. The ability to develop unique and valuable insights is already a source of competitive advantage for marketers in many companies around the world. When coupled with the ability to seamlessly share insights across the organization, modern marketers should be better placed to face up to the new challenges that are presenting themselves in the market today.


Developing Smart Insights should be the key priority for marketers looking to develop better marketing plans. These Smart Insights must be timely and shared with all stakeholders through an integrated solution which demonstrates to all involved where the valuable opportunities are for their business. It is also essential that forecasting and optimization tools are delivered to marketers which enable them to simulate and test the potential success of future marketing plans.