In the financial world, it can seem like a constant battle to attract new customers whilst retaining those you already have. It’s a job that’s been made much tougher now that it’s so easy to compare products and prices online.

With ScanmarQED’s suite of software at your fingertips you can use historical data to establish which of your marketing activities are key to acquiring new customers, as well as which of those activities you could safely divert money away from.

Also, when looking at your advertising you’ll be able to answer questions such as: “is a brand message more effective than a product or price message?” and “does this vary by product and for acquisition vs. retention?”

Once you have identified the impact of your marketing activities, you can run forecast scenarios and optimize the budget across activities and products to maximize revenue.

Our software tools can help you address:

  • In which categories and customer segments should we be increasing and decreasing our investments to meet future goals?
  • What are the biggest drivers of churn in our customer base and what options might we have to reduce this?
  • How do I get a unified view of all the activities we’re engaging in – how do we get to a single point of truth?
  • For which customers is my brand performing well? If so, why do we think this is?
  • What is the ROI on marketing and media activities and what is it likely to be in the future? If we want to attract a different customer segment, what can we do from a marketing point-of-view to influence this?
  • How can we influence sales through our indirect channels, such as partners or aggregators?
  • Are my sales and promotional operations working effectively? Are my plans aligned to my objectives?
  • What’s the latest forecast for sales by product or by segment and what can we do to increase this?

ScanmarQED’s software can help you answer any of these questions and more, so contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss options.