Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Managing a modern packaged goods brand is very challenging. Consumers are being exposed to an ever-growing range of brands and promotions, and once well-defined categories are increasingly subject to competition from outside their traditional competitive sets. Notwithstanding this, important questions must still be answered and decisions made quickly, yet confidently.

With the right consumer insights bases on marketing research and retail sales data these questions can be answered. At ScanmarQED, our suite of software solutions is specifically designed to help you respond quickly to any of the day-to-day questions that might arise, such as: “how do we increase the return on our marketing investment?”, “when I advertise a product, what impact does it have on my other brands?” and "How do I optimize revenue management?"

Insights in price and promo

Tougher questions like “what is the price elasticity for each of my SKUs?” or “I need to delist a SKU, which one should I choose to minimize the overall sales lost?” can also be addressed. Our suite of software tools is robust enough to tackle these issues and more, and to deliver the answers you need quickly and efficiently - on site or on the fly.

Typical questions we address include:

  • In which markets and brands should we be increasing and decreasing our investments to meet future goals?
  • How do I get a unified view of all the activities we’re engaging in – how do we get to a single point of truth?
  • Where is my brand performing well? If so, why is this?
  • Marketing & media effectiveness – what is the ROI on marketing and media activities and what is it likely to be in the future?
  • Pricing and promotional effectiveness – what is the ROI we achieve on our various retail activities and how would we improve this? Are we charging the correct prices?
  • Are my sales and promotional operations working effectively? Are my plans aligned to my objectives?
  • What’s the latest forecast for sales by retailer and what can we do to increase this?

With the consumer and shopper research combined with retail sales data of Nielsen and iRi the latest insights help to find the right answers to grow you business.

Whitepaper about revenue management

Read our whitepaper about the current state of revenue management in the Food & Beverage Industry.

If you would like answers to any of these questions, contact us today and we’ll discuss which of our software tools can help your organization.