As a retailer, obtaining enough data to effectively plan, analyze and forecast sales is rarely an issue. Deciding which KPIs to focus on and what processes to adopt to maximize the benefits of these insights can be more of a challenge.

With ScanmarQED’s software solutions you can quickly and easily look at the impact of marketing – be it media or promotional activities – on revenue and then on footfall; at total retail level, then by department, or perhaps in another dimension such as by format (bricks and mortar vs. online) or by region. All of this can be done together, in one place.

This flexibility enables you to look at your business from all angles. You can establish which activities are working most effectively for you, on which parts of your business your key competitors have the biggest impact or even in which regions you’re likely to be most successful in the future. Analytical foresights can be used to create powerful scenarios which optimize the effectiveness of your investments helping you to achieve your sales targets.

Our powerful tools can address these questions:

  • Which retail stores are performing well and which need help?
  • In which segments or store formats do we have challenges and how might we solve these?
  • In which categories and customer segments should we be increasing and decreasing our investments to meet future goals?
  • How do I get a unified view of all the activities we’re engaging in – how do we get to a single point of truth?
  • For which customers is my brand performing well? If so, why do we think this is?
  • What is the ROI on marketing and media activities and what is it likely to be in the future?
  • If we want to attract a different customer segment, what can we do from a marketing point-of-view to influence this?
  • Are my sales and promotional operations working effectively? Are my plans aligned to my objectives?
  • Which types of promotions are the most effective? How should I work with suppliers to create more value from these and which types of deals grow our categories?
  • If I wanted to rationalize the items in our product categories, where would I start?
  • What’s the latest forecast for sales by SKU and what can we do to increase this?

If you’ve been asking any of these questions, we can tell you how ScanmarQED’s software can help you address these questions within your organization. Contact us today.