For Market Research

Time-intensive, custom processing of Data in the Research Industry

Research questions and answers are hardly ever standardized across time, projects, clients, markets or countries. This leads to time-intensive, custom processing of data into insightful reports for most projects. For projects that span multiple clients, markets or countries the effort required for aligning the data at hand can traditionally be excessive. Also, few BI suites cater to even simple research specific data requirements, such as the difference in data handling for multiple response and single response questions.

A further complication of this time-intensive work is that MR clients generally do not appreciate the complexity of the work required due to cheap online alternatives for the more straightforward research questions. Any time and cost savings that can be realized are therefore more than welcomed by the agencies.

ScanmarQED Solution

FastTrack provides an end-to-end solution from raw data from fieldwork to interactive updateable reports. It allows the agencies to provide higher quality results with less people in just a fraction of the time it used to take. Though based on a standardized database solution, FastTrack allows for variation in the questionnaires, and automatically detects new answers and even questions. FastTrack strongly improves on the agency Operational Excellence.

Client benefits:

  • Shorter time from fieldwork to reports, especially for recurring projects (trackers)
  • Cost efficiencies up to 70% based on client feedback
  • Less error prone deliverables
  • Better recognizable agency product positioning by standardization of output
  • FastTrack can be automated for truly standard product or semi-automated for agency products with more variability
  • ScanmarQED team is highly experienced in MR and can quickly and cleverly anticipate or respond to agency output demands
  • Option to add benchmarking or incorporate other databases in the output
  • No practical limit to the number of surveys (we have dashboards based on millions of surveys that respond within seconds)
  • Results are not pre-aggregated, so additional analyses can be added to the database