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What's happening in the world of Media Agencies?

Media Agency environment is very competitive and the pressure from clients is ever-increasing. The huge boost in data availability and analytics capabilities led to companies expecting high transparency and accountability for all media activities. It's no longer enough to provide the strategy, creativity, and some vague numbers to back it up. You now have to be as creative in your reporting and analytics as you are in your content creation. So, what are top media agencies doing to stay relevant?

Marketing Mix Modeling

1. Conducting proper Marketing Mix Modeling

Media Agencies have been particularly successful in using marketing mix modelling to quantify and improve the advertising activity that they plan on their clients’ behalf. They do this by analyzing historical media investments and seeing how these investments relate to the KPI that they're trying to influence with those campaigns.

Business Pitch

2. Demonstrating analytics capabilities in a pitch situation

Show potential clients that you can walk-the-walk by demonstrating the insights and efficiency gains that they could hope to see if they worked with you, as well as the degree of transparency that you provide.

Budget Optimization

3. Conducting campaign and portfolio budget optimization

Portfolio management is becoming a larger part of running an account. Clients often have multiple brands and/or operate in several markets. The challenge is to ensure that you are giving them the best advice across the spectrum, not just for a single entity. Companies can no longer afford to operate in silos. Having the budget allocation based on data, rather than intuition, can help to remove some of the emotion around increasing and decreasing budgets.

Customized Dashboard

4. Delivering insights to clients in a customized dashboard

Producing a PowerPoint report for your client is not only time consuming, but also often lacks flexibility and the added value gets lost. Using customized dashboards allows Media Agencies to have all relevant insights always ready in a way that is tailored to their clients. Thanks to that, they vastly increase their transparency as they are always ready to show "the exact numbers".

To build these capabilities, and to ensure speed and effectiveness, Media Agencies are using special tools.

What sets ScanmarQED apart from other software providers?

We’re not just software providers! We offer a personal, customized service. You’ll have a dedicated account manager, who is an experienced media agencies consultant. They can guide you through all aspects of a project from selling it, requesting and collecting data, conducting your analysis, interpreting and sense checking the results to provide recommendations to your clients.

We don’t do projects we deliver capabilities... our mix of software and consulting provides our Agency Partners with control and flexibility.

We are the most practical and efficient option… we do the work that your team doesn’t want to do (or can’t do), but it’s still your agency’s project, your knowledge of the client’s business, your media expertise, your decks, your media plans, and your relationship with the client.

Our commercial model is ideal for partners… Marketing Mix Modeling quickly becomes a profit center for your agency. The more work you do the more profitable it becomes. We can even help you sell projects to your clients.

But don't take our word for granted!

Everyone can talk big game, but in the end, it's all about the delivery. So what do our clients say?

The big advantage of the QED apps is the speed to getting to working on the model and working out what’s going on rather than bogging down in set up. This allows us to focus more on making effective decisions and making an impact on client’s businesses.

Dominic Charles, Wavemaker​

If we had to do the same work without the QED tools, we would need at least 10 people, instead of 4.

Chris Mee, GVC

It really feels like the recent release had analysts in mind and it makes our lives much easier. I know we always want more and more but that’s really a reflection on the potential of the software and a response to the good work that’s already been done. Great stuff guys, keep it up!

Chris Love, the7stars​

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