For Media Agencies

The effectiveness of Advertising spend

dashboard overview

Media agencies have looked to grow their revenues beyond traditional buying services as margins are eroded and have sought to add greater strategic insights for their clients. Because agencies are typically run at a local level, there is little standardization in approach or willingness to centralize functions due to P&L concerns. Their clients are increasingly worried about effectiveness of advertising spend and the growth in digital has only added to this complexity.

Local operations have little incentive to channel consulting work to regional HQs and the agencies themselves lack standardization in approach. Furthermore, there is an educational task to be carried out to help build capability in evolving markets. Digital has also encouraged other channels to improve their search for accountability.

Client Benefits:

  • Helps local agency develop capability quickly and efficiently
  • Simple to understand interfaces make difficult processes quick and efficient – targeted outputs which meet agency needs as closely as possible
  • Improve ability to know what’s working and what’s not very quickly – improve campaign performance as it happens!
  • Suite of tools used across analytics and planning functions delivering double-digit improvements to campaign performance
  • Agencies don’t need to off-shore analytics to high-cost centers (London, NY, Paris) instead delivering locally at a lower cost and higher quality – also improving their local P&L

Why ScanmarQED:

  1. QED Solutions are used by media agencies all over the world – from the largest to the smallest
  2. Agencies are developing new revenue streams and delivering better plans (and consulting services) for their clients
  3. Some clients have even specified that agencies use our tools