Nested Modeling

New Nested Modeling module in strataQED

strataQED’s Nested Modeling module gives you powerful data analytics that provide a more holistic view of the way consumers interact with brands in today’s omnichannel world.

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Nested Modeling

It's a complex world for marketers

The ways in which today’s consumer interacts with brands and responds to marketing touchpoints has changed. This more complex media landscape brings up new questions that we need to answer, such as how do I account for multi-channel interactions when I estimate the ROI for each tactic? Or, how do changes in my Brand Health measures influence sales performance?


A practical example

When brands advertise on TV, some consumers purchase directly whereas others search online to comparison shop. When they do this, they also get exposed to relevant search and display adverts for the brand. With Nested Modeling, we can recognize and quantify the impact that TV has in driving up the online search. This allows us to calculate not only the direct effect of TV on Sales but also the indirect effect it has via the increased search activity.

Automatic reattribution

No more messy spreadsheets, strataQED’s Nested Modeling software automatically performs the reattribution for you, so that you can spend more valuable time providing clients with crucial data insights. Powerful visualization in Brand Painting, ROI, and Response Curves gives you a more holistic understanding of what is driving performance to get the complete ROI picture. View the direct and indirect effects by model or in total. Our Nested Modeling module simplifies a complex set of models into one practical planning tool.



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Unlock the power of Nested Modeling

strataQED’s Nested Modeling module allows you to create nested models that represent the interactive relationships between sales and marketing drivers, and multiple KPIs. You’ll be able to calculate the ROI on campaigns, including the direct and indirect effects – all within the software.
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