Case Study: Media agency quickly runs in-depth analyses for their clients

This award-winning media agency was already conducting marketing mix modeling (MMM) for some of their clients. They wanted to expand their offering and were investigating alternative software solutions. They were aware of the ScanmarQED software through one of their clients, who used it within their own internal analytics team, and used the results and recommendations from their analysis in the media planning process.

How to create a more efficient process?

Having seen how quick and easy the ScanmarQED software was to use in comparison to their existing MMM software solution, this media agency was curious to learn more, as they had several other projects in the pipeline and a more efficient, easy to understand, process was required.

Of particular interest, was the fact that with ScanmarQED they could have a hybrid solution, where they had access to the modelling software for conducting the marketing mix analysis, and both the agency teams and the client could use the results in our forecasting and optimization software to run what-if analysis.

Using the same software as their clients would also enable them to easily share the analysis and implications; this supports their key agency value of having complete transparency with their clients.

We all found it really informative and it provided a lot of clarity on many of the issues we are and will be facing.

Feedback from a training and Q&A session provided by a ScanmarQED consultant.

Modeling solutions

ScanmarQED provided the media agency analytics team with initial training for our modelling solution, strataQED, as well as optimiseQED, our forecasting and optimisation software, which enables you to run scenarios to determine the optimal budget allocation. ScanmarQED also provide on-going support and assistance with modelling challenges.

The ScanmarQED software has enabled this media agency to quickly run in-depth analyses for their clients, providing actionable insights. They can now also easily share the analysis internally and with their clients to get a more holistic and inclusive view.

Increased effectiveness and winning media planning pitches

Since they started using ScanmarQED software solutions over 2 years ago, their analytics team has tripled in size. They conduct regular analysis for their clients, providing insights into the effectiveness of their media and marketing budget, as well as recommendations for getting the greatest returns for their budget.

The ScanmarQED software has also played a role in helping them to win media planning and buying pitches, by showing potential clients the type of insights and improvements that they could expect to see if they were to work with this media agency, as well as the degree of transparency that they offer.

Using ScanmarQED software has also enabled them to run more complex analyses and provide more detailed insights to their clients.

Clients are getting more savvy about modelling and are asking more complex questions. They are increasingly more familiar with the power of it (MMM) and want to know the post-analysis, the budget setting, the forecasting, ‘what happens if we do this or that?’. This is due to the ScanmarQED software, making it really easy to understand.

Analyst, Media agency