About Us

We are a leading global provider of marketing technology & analytical consultancy with more than 25 years of experience enabling our clients to more efficiently pull insights out of their data.

We empower brands and agencies to extract actionable insights from their data, revealing the key drivers behind customer behavior, value creation, and business growth. Our software and consultancy is designed to deliver insights quickly & efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Our mission

To help you take control
over what will drive future business success in order for you to drive better decision making and make a true impact on your business and realize your ambition.

Our vision

To empower marketers to quickly discover the recipe for greater commercial success, and to find the value still “on the table” through simple and quick analytical insights.



Our promise

Software & Services for Marketing Analysis and Planning that your team will love using. These solutions will create better performance through better data integration, faster and simpler analysis, collaborative reporting and optimization, and connected workflows.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our values

We strive to be open and accessible in the way we do business; with our clients, our employees, product development, business decision making and how we live and work in our organization.

        Client Success
We judge our success by the ability of clients to progress and increase independence when making more informed, more profitable marketing decisions.

Our personal interactions and understanding of what our clients and employees need, really matter.

        Product superiority
At ScanmarQED, we have an on-going commitment to product development, from all individuals and teams, to ensure that we’re always ahead of our clients’ needs and the market offering.


10K brands we work for
150 customers
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70 employees globally

ScanmarQED is made up of people that enjoy making other people’s lives better.
We have a passion for growth, business-wise and personally. 


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Let us help you grow. 
Turn your data into actionable insights and drive significant business growth.
We'll guide you step by step.