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Data Connectors

Our data connectors extract marketing data from advertising or analytics platforms and export it to a spreadsheet or database. No coding required.

Connect all your favourite platforms

We integrate data from the world’s biggest marketing, web analytics, and CRM platforms. Our team of developers ensures that all the connectors are up to date with the latest API and GDPR-compliant data encryption protocols so that integration is as easy as possible.


What makes our connectors great 


Raw & Unsampled

Query raw data, select specific dimensions or calculate custom metrics. Avoid sampling.


Daily Refresh

Our connectors update your numbers automatically. You have one less thing to worry about.


Easy Setup

No coding required. Our wizard gets you up and running in no time so you can start getting data fast.

Improving Campaign Performance is easier with our connectors

1. Monitor

Conversions, CPC, CPA, aggregate metrics so you can monitor performance across channels and countries.

2. Analyse

Use your time analyzing trends, uncovering insights and delivering actionable data instead of collecting it.

3. Optimize

With all advertising and analytics data in one place it’s easy to see the impact of every A/B test on total revenue.

4. Automate

Automate regular reports and easily customize queries to suit individual stakeholders or clients.

5. Aggregate

Combine campaign or client data from multiple sources and across multiple sites into one report.

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