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Use a brand management solution to understand what drives brand growth

Quickly assess how consumers perceive your brand. Continuously monitor and optimize your brand performance.

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A flexible solution

Our solutions support all types of customers: whether you are looking to create an internal solution or outsource your analytics, you are always in control. Our solution provides flexibility, transparency and focuses on continuous improvement and insight creation.

Fully Serviced Solution

ScanmarQED maintains and services your platform with a seasoned team of engineers. ​

We provide: Private cloud, data management and harmonization, dashboard services.

You provide: Subject matter expertise, management of data vendors

Hybrid Solution

Specialized tools enable Data Science to incorporate best practices, and pass work back and forth between external & internal, while keeping 100% transparency and control.

We provide: Platform maintenance, power user support and onsite technical training.

Internal Capability

If you are looking to create an internal solution.

We provide: Technologies, extensive training via learning platform and knowledge base, technical support and feature refresh updates

You provide: Data management, analytical Personnel

Be proactive and improve the quality of your decisions

Brand management software helps you measure brand performance, brand health, advertisement effectiveness, and customer touchpoints fast and accurately, allowing you to be proactive and effective in your decision making. It also promotes cross-departmental collaboration throughout your organization.

The software ensures that everyone in the company measures and reports uniformly

The algorithm synergizes data points into enriched insights that show the bigger picture and the right level of context
The quality of the data coming from multiple sources is validated to minimize errors

Actionable Insights

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Understand and improve your brand strategy

Brand management solutions exist to provide insights about customer segments for multiple brands throughout the year, enabling you to maximize conversions.

Understand what drives your brand growth and gain insights into the underlying issues and opportunities.

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Gain fast, accurate and actionable insights

Our brand management solution provides invaluable insights into your brand performance, brand health, advertisement effectiveness, and customer touchpoints.

These insights drive you to make informed decisions about your brand strategy.

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Measure your brand performance and share the results

The ability to quickly assess how customers perceive your brand and interact with it allows you to adjust your strategy and messaging swiftly, and accordingly.

Share your brand insights with all relevant departments within the company to ensure everyone is proactive in their decision-making.


Understand what drives and optimizes your brand growth?