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Marketing Mix Modeling fundamentals

The ScanmarQED Certified Modeling Professional course introduces you to the fundamentals of Marketing Mix Modeling – what it is, how it is used, and its benefits. You’ll learn about the key stages of project management, data collection and preparation, and why it is essential to understand the key question – what is it I am trying to measure? The second half of the course introduces you to our modeling software where you’ll learn how to create a project, import and categorize your data, then search for and analyze your first model. Successful completion of this course gains you the qualification of ScanmarQED Certified Modeling Professional and allows you to proceed to the advanced course.

Perform advanced model analysis

In the first part of the ScanmarQED Certified Modeling Expert course, you’ll learn about advanced model statistics, how to assess model performance, perform diagnostic tests, analyze response curves and compare model results. You’ll gain insight and understanding of how to get the most out of our Search For A Model routine to help you identify strong marketing mix models. The second part of the course teaches you how to manage variables, what to do if you’re unable to find valid models and helps you recognize what constitutes a “good” model. The final part of the course teaches you how to customize your model search using many of our software's more advanced features. Successful completion of this course gains you the qualification of ScanmarQED Certified Modeling Expert.

Use strataQED to perform advanced time series cross-sectional modeling

Using strataQED, analysts can build models that estimate the impact of marketing activities across a series of markets or customer segments simultaneously. This allows for more granular insights to be generated and even more actionable outcomes from the model.

In our Certified strataQED Modeling Master course, we begin by teaching you the key concepts of cross-sectional modeling, then move on to explain how to set up cross-sectional projects, hierarchies and costs data values. Next, we demonstrate how to set up model searches across multiple regions or markets, how to choose an equalizing factor, perform fixed and mixed effects modeling and finally how to gain rapid insights by analyzing your cross-sectional data nationally, regionally, by store, brand or even customer segments.
If you want to become certified simply complete the exam, and share your achievements on your chosen social platform.

Get started with MarketingTracker

The Introduction to MarketingTracker course is the perfect starting point to get a feel of the software before moving onto classroom training with an in-company expert or a ScanmarQED consultant.

You will discover what MarketingTracker is and how it works, how to navigate through it, and how to create new reports. Followed by how to edit report data, format reports and share with all stakeholders. By the end of the course, learners will be able to use the fundamental functions of MarketingTracker to create and share reports.

Build Dashboards in MarketingTracker

The certified MarketingTracker Professional Dashboard Designer course is aimed at learners that want to create dashboards in MarketingTracker and introduces the base theories and functionalities required to do this.

The course starts with dashboard design principles and practical tips to help you create effective dashboards. Next, you learn how to create a dashboard from scratch, how to create dashboards quickly from existing templates, and how to synchronize reports in a dashboard. To finish, you'll discover how to create a home dashboard for navigating from one report, dashboard, or storyboard to another.

To get a certificate for this course you can complete the accompanying exam, and share your achievements on your chosen social platform.

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