Revenue Management

Hit your revenue goals by improving your pricing and promotion decisions

Gain a deeper understanding of what drives your business and make more informed decisions.

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Shelf position impact for slow growth categories

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Revenue due to improved promotions tactics

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Time saved from marketing and sales departments

A flexible solution

Our solutions support all types of customers: whether you are looking to create an internal solution or outsource your analytics, you are always in control. Our solution provides flexibility, transparency and focuses on continuous improvement and insight creation.


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Fully Serviced Solution

ScanmarQED maintains and services your platform with a seasoned team of engineers. ​

We provide: Private cloud, data management and harmonization, dashboard services.

You provide: Subject matter expertise, management of data vendors

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Hybrid Solution

Specialized tools enable Data Science to incorporate best practices, and pass work back and forth between external & internal, while keeping 100% transparency and control.

We provide: Platform maintenance, power user support and onsite technical training.

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Internal Capability

If you are looking to create an internal solution.

We provide: Technologies, extensive training via learning platform and knowledge base, technical support and feature refresh updates

You provide: Data management, analytical Personnel

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Revenue Growth Management

Save time and improve accuracy

Our revenue management solution generates fast and accurate insights into your pricing, promotions and portfolio. Save time with our easy-to-use tooling and provide actionable insights to grow your business.


  • Get all the insights, based on all granular data, easily and fast
  • Create a plan for improved tactics
  • Share accurate and reliable business results


Integrated approach to revenue management

Our approach to revenue management measures optimizes and plans your pricing and promotional strategies. Understand what an optimal portfolio should look like, how to position your products in the market, and what the right pricing and promotion tactics are for each product at any given time.

Understand your business and achieve your goals

Revenue management doesn’t stop at simply looking at your revenue or share. Grasp what drives your revenue and gain insights into underlying issues and opportunities. This supports you to improve business revenue.

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Get fast and accurate insights for better-informed decisions

Our software gives you actionable insights - regarding your brands and your brands' competition - allowing you to identify issues and opportunities in your pricing, promotions and portfolio. Use these detailed insights to guide your decisions and start growing your business.

Whitepaper: Revenue Management for CPG Brands

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In this whitepaper, we explore the intersection of old and new revenue management techniques; the challenges with traditional methods of managing data; the latest approaches to be implemented in revenue management; and the exciting paradigm shift happening across the CPG industry today.

Turn data into actionable insights

Make a difference to the business and supercharge your revenue management.
We’ll guide you step by step in how to use our solution for your business.
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