What is Brand2Go?

Brand2Go is an analytical reporting solution which allows you to identify quickly and easily what is happening with your Brand Equity and Brand Health tracking data. Through guided navigation, it helps you understand what the causes of these developments are; whether they are linked to current trends, whether they are isolated incidents or whether they should be acted on.

A close-up of the Brand2Go software

How does it work?

We provide a range of dashboards and analyses customized to the brand metrics model used in your organization and based on your respondent level data. This data set is then enriched with derived measures and significance tests, allowing you to identify trends, changes and the all-important underlying root causes of these changes. Even if your data contains background information such as demographics -- we can handle it. Access all analyses via our intuitive dashboards and export the underlying data tables to Microsoft Excel, or dashboards to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Extensive data resources

Brand2Go requires a trended marketing research data source. ScanmarQED employs analysts with decades of experience with all sorts of research data, so we are confident in saying that any source will do.

Who is it for?

Brand2Go would be of most benefit to Brand Marketing and Marketing Management professionals who want to keep track of the equity development of their own and competitor’s brands.

Client benefits

Key client benefits are:

  • A clear, guided way of reviewing continuous brand measurements
  • Signalling functionality to show significant changes over time
  • Reports and dashboards set-up in your corporate style, allowing you to quickly share them within your business
  • A powerful database engine based on proven OLAP technology allowing for combining studies across countries and categories
  • Available support from highly experienced ScanmarQED staff

Sound interesting? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss options with you.