Quick and Effecient Assistance

As a Sales, Brand and Marketing Data Analytics Services Company, we understand that it’s often desirable to get some help getting started when you want to create a better performance marketing organization.

Our experienced Analytics Consulting team is ready to assist you in designing and building the correct marketing analytics capabilities for your organization. Whether you require help to deliver the right data requirements to deliver key management dashboards or help to build and maintain core Marketing Mix models, we've got the right personnel. Our consulting teams span a range of disciplines including data integration, data analysis, marketing mix modeling, digital expert analytics, forecasting, campaign optimization and portfolio optimization.

Our core consultancy offerings are:

  • Data Integration – If you need to merge multiple data sources across your sales, marketing and finance operations, we’re ready to help. Our experienced consultants work with this kind of data all the time and know the issues inherent in these sources. Our teams can make this data work for you on a day-to-day basis
  • Marketing Mix Modeling – Our specialist marketing econometricians can help you establish the incremental impacts of your marketing efforts whether they are promotional activities, advertising campaigns, digital advertising or even social media activities. Using a range of techniques alongside our own tools, we offer an “open book” service which allows you to take these capabilities in-house at any point in time
  • Portfolio Optimization – Should you need to optimize your portfolio of brands across dimensions such as geography, segment or sales channel, our experienced consulting team are ready to help you deliver a plan which balances short-term and long-term organizational goals
  • Sales and Operational Planning - Creating a process which allows your operational planners and Key Account Managers to plan and optimize their sales campaigns is an exacting process and one that requires experienced consultants with strong domain knowledge. Fortunately we have these people available - ready to help you anytime!

For more information on any of the above or get in contact with a Consultant Analytics, complete this form.