The number one question that we help Telecoms companies address is: “How can I attract new customers?” We’ve been working in this sector for many years helping brands understand which marketing activities are the most effective and which ones need to change. Whether it’s helping to integrate all the data that our clients have into a single reporting platform or building predictive models that help us reduce consumer churn, we understand the unique challenges that this industry faces and we’re ready to help you tackle these effectively.

ScanmarQED’s software solutions can help you identify which marketing activities drive new business and, equally important, which don’t.

Once you know if, and how, each marketing channel is working, you can run scenarios to optimize your budget across media channels to maximize returns. With ScanmarQED software you can apply business constraints to ensure that the resulting plan is one that the business would be happy to implement.

For example, subsidizing consumer hardware might not pay back in the short term, but it could be seen as a cost of doing business – as consumers expect it – so a certain level of budget needs to be made available.

Typical questions we help our telecoms clients address include:

  • In which categories and customer segments should we be increasing and decreasing our investments to meet future goals?
  • What are the biggest drivers of churn in our customer base and what options might we have to reduce this?
  • How do I get a unified view of all the activities we’re engaging in – how do we get to a single point of truth?
  • For which customers is my brand performing well? Why do we think this is?
  • What is the ROI on marketing and media activities and what is it likely to be in the future?
  • If we want to attract a different customer segment, what can we do from a marketing point-of-view to influence this?
  • How can we influence sales through our indirect channels, such as partners or MVNOs?
  • Are my sales and promotional operations working effectively? Are my plans aligned to my objectives?
  • What’s the latest forecast for sales by product or by segment and what can we do to increase this?

If any of these questions sound familiar to you and you’d like ScanmarQED’s software to help answer these challenges within your organization, contact us today.