ScanmarQED featured in the Forrester report

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We are extremely proud and happy to share with you that ScanmarQED is featured in the latest Forrester report!

ScanmarQED Featured in the Forrester Report

This Forrester report is about marketing measurement and optimization solutions and is part of a broader publication titled “The Marketing Measurement And Insights Playbook For 2019".

These solutions are aimed at strengthening the impact of marketing spend and activities on sales and consumer engagement by applying analytics to a wide range of market, brand, retail, and consumer data. In the report you can find not only the differences between specific marketing measurement and optimization methods and why should you use them, but also a breakdown of selected vendors.

We are thrilled that the value of our software and approach is being recognized by Forrester, so in the coming weeks, we will be diving deeper into specific topics covered in the report. For now, you can find the full version here.