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A timely and integrated analysis of all your advertising data

Ad2Go provides fast access to multiple advertisement marketing sources in one solution. It allows you to look at individual, and benchmarked, advertisement performance, and to analyze available media data such as media reach, spend and/or audience composition.

Combine multiple data sources into reports

Ad2Go combines survey data with data on media and sales. Reports provide you with insights into all your advertising data and show you where you can improve your performance.

Quick testing and comparing

Ad2Go allows you to quickly analyze and visualize advertisements before putting them up, and to easily compare them to previously run advertisements, enabling you to optimize your messaging.

Fast access and frequent updates

Ad2Go provides you with fast access to your advertising data. Reports are very frequently updated, allowing you to make fast and informed decisions regarding your commercial strategy.

Specifications & features

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Customized dashboards

Ad2Go provides a set of dashboards customized to the advertisement data sources available.

Enriched data analysis

The data is enriched with derived measures, allowing you to easily identify benchmarked advertisement performances for each individual advertisement as well as analyze the performance for different media channels.

Easy access and sharing

Easily access all analyses through the intuitive navigation provided, and export your data and dashboards to Excel or Powerpoint to share.

View your adverts as you go

Ad2Go displays your adverts on the dashboards, allowing you view them while you analyze them and communicate your insights.

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Increase your advertising performance and profitability with Ad2Go

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