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Introducing PulseQED

Elevate your Marketing with Connected Data & AI

In today's Marketing landscape, staying ahead of the competition means having the right tools to make data-driven decisions. Meet PulseQED: our AI-powered marketing and data analytics cloud platform that not only transforms the way you manage and utilize your marketing data but also optimizes your strategies through advanced predictive analytics. 

PulseQED is designed to tackle the complex challenges marketers face by offering real-time predictive insights and robust diagnostics, allowing for proactive and optimized marketing strategies. Its cross-channel data harmonization ensures a comprehensive view of your category and its marketing landscape, enhancing measurement accuracy and campaign planning. 

Purpose-built to uncover new revenue streams and drive growth, PulseQED integrates seamlessly into larger IT infrastructures, ensuring top-tier data security in your own cloud tenant. Transform your marketing strategy with PulseQED, where innovation and practicality converge. 

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Elevate your Marketing with AI

Streamlining your Sales & Marketing Data with PulseQED 

PulseQED is designed to simplify and enhance your current data systems. It effortlessly cleans, harmonizes, and organizes all your important, but scattered, data sets quickly and automatically. Whether your data comes from internal sources like sales and finance systems, or external ones like retailers, ad platforms (through our plug and play digital connectors), media agencies and research vendors (such as Nielsen, NIQ, Circana, GfK, etc.), PulseQED creates a unified view, providing a single source of truth to boost collaboration and maximize impact. 

With PulseQED, you can ensure accurate and consistent data reporting through robust data governance standards. Our secure, flexible, and scalable cloud architecture integrates seamlessly with your existing cloud environment. It connects easily with any BI tool and uses a wide range of business logic and analytical methods, including your own, to turn data into actionable and predictive insights. 

PulseQED platform modules 

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Marketing Effectiveness Measurement 


In the complex world of marketing, accurately measuring and optimizing your strategies can be a daunting challenge. Our advanced tools for Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), Digital Atrribution (MTA), forecasting and planning provide the clarity you need. With our platform, you can overcome these challenges, ensuring precise and high-frequent measurement, insightful analysis, and strategic optimization to maximize your ROI.  

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Plan, track & optimize

Pulse (6)Our PulseQED Planner module continuously tracks, monitors and optimizes your marketing spend across all brands and regions – one central hub for your MMM models. Create forecasts and monitor your KPIs. Connected with the PulseQED data layer and model updater for always-on latest insights. 

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AI-powered MMM

Pulse (6)Create advanced marketing mix models in strataQED that analyze past performance and help you understand what’s working and what’s not from your marketing investments. AI-powered; 100% transparent. 

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Model Updater

Pulse (6)Always up-to-date media effectiveness. As new data flows in, our powerful model updater refreshes your Marketing Mix Models automatically. Doesn’t matter how often: every day, every week; it’s all possible depending on how often you need to refresh data. Our flexible model updater can work with any marketing mix model whether you have built it yourself, or in strataQED.


Digital attribution

Pulse (6) Looking for future-proofed digital attribution in the era of privacy, walled gardens and cookie regulations? Our Roivenue platform leverages an advanced AI-powered attribution model to overcome these challenges. Drive revenue growth with insights across all funnel stages of your customer journey.   

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Revenue Optimization


Looking for the best strategies on pricing, promo and assortment across your brands and regions?  

Brands all around the world are looking for ways to increase revenue. Unlocking insights from your data is crucial for this; however, data from different sources can often lead to reduced usability and potentially misleading insights. Inconsistent reporting forces companies to spend valuable resources. PulseQED provides you with a head start. PulseQED loads, integrates and harmonizes all your relevant sales and marketing data across brands and regions into one unified view including external data from retailers and research vendors like NIQ, Circana and GfK.  

By leveraging a wide variety of business logic & analytical methodologies including your own, PulseQED  transforms this unified data view in actionable insights and better decisions on assortment/price segmentation changes, NPD, package sizes, increasing prices, promotion depth and others.  


PulseQED provides a guided analysis framework that helps you understand:

  What is happening and where you need to act   
Why it is happening and which drivers are responsible 
What you can change and how you can gain 

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Brand & Consumer Insights 


In today's rapidly changing market, brands face significant challenges in tracking and understanding their performance. With data scattered across various sources, it becomes difficult to get a clear, comprehensive view of brand health, advertisement effectiveness, and customer touchpoints. Static dashboards and unrelated reports often fail to provide actionable insights, leaving brands struggling to make informed decisions. 

PulseQED addresses these challenges head-on by bringing all your consumer and brand health tracking data into one place and acting as your guided platform to get the best insights on brand performance, brand health, advertisement effectiveness, and customer touchpoints. PulseQED stores the most granular data, helping you move away from static dashboards filled with unrelated reports. 

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AI-supported predictive consumer insights and analytics

Pulse (6)  PulseQED leverages your data by bringing you improved AI-supported predictive insights and analytics. This guides you towards the insights that are most relevant for your brand, saving you time so that you can make better decisions and focus on making strategic brand improvements.  

With PulseQED, you get a large set of always-on analytics, including target-specific SWOT analysis, brand positioning maps, and automated alerts when key metrics 

Analytical architecture optimized
for sales & marketing data

PulseQED integrates into larger IT infrastructures, maintaining the security of your data within your company controlled and secured cloud environment. Seamlessly connects to any generic BI tool and deployed through your internal data lake – leveraging your own business logic & analytical methodologies. 

Multiple layers of scalable tech stack secured within your own IT and full connectivity. 


Flexible front end

Pulse (6)Insights, Diagnostics & Scenario planning

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Integrates with 3rd party software (PowerBI, Tableau, etc)

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Generic Data exposure API for custom use

Fully integrated Advanced Analytics layer

Pulse (6)Data Related Business Logic

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 Machine learning AI & Predictive Modeling

Pulse (6)Analytical library & Modeling Console 

Data & Logic layer

Pulse (6)Unified, granular data layer 

Pulse (6)Designed and optimized for marketing data 

Pulse (6)Cleansing & Harmonization 

Pulse (6)Real-time processing 

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