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A guided journey through the causes of your brand developments

Brand2Go is an analytical solution that allows you to identify what is happening with your brand equity and brand health. The solution visualizes what the causes of these developments are and whether this concerns a trend or incident.

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Guided analysis

Brand2Go quickly provides you with a guided analysis of your brand survey data through all metrics so that you can easily see what is going on in your brand.

Safeguards for detailed and accurate insights

Extra safeguards such as low base size suppression are built into the analysis to provide you with in-depth but more accurate insights.

Optimization of your brand strategy

The detailed insights provided in Brand2Go allow you to make informed decisions regarding your brand and to optimize your brand strategy.

Specifications & features

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Customized dashboards

Brand2Go provides a set of dashboards customized to the brand metrics model used in your organization and based on the sources available.

Guide navigation

Users can easily access all analysis of the data through the intuitive and guided navigation.

Automatically loaded and displayed insights

All insights can be automatically loaded and displayed in easy to read dashboards.

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