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Integrated analysis and detailed visualization of your customer satisfaction

Experience2Go provides you with the insights to identify problem areas with your customer interaction so you can quickly remedy these. It allows you to feedback aggregated customer comments to the salesperson or team in question, and add action standards or dynamic benchmarks to show how they perform compared to their colleagues.

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Visualize the customer journey

Experience2Go visualizes customer satisfaction for all touchpoints of the customer journey and provides you with complete insights into the reasons behind departmental performance.

Action short term insights

Experience2Go provides quick performance feedback based on twitter feeds, open-ended answers, etc. These insights enable fast and informed actions to improve short term customer satisfaction.

Optimize your customer strategy

Frequently updated and detailed performance insights allow you to improve your customer satisfaction, reduce churn and build additional brand value.

Specifications & features

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Integration of multiple data sources

Experience2Go can combine various data sources, providing you with an overall insight into how customers perceive your brand.

Customized analysis and dashboards

Experience2Go provides a set of dashboards and analysis customized to your organization and the data available.

Enriched data analysis

Where possible, the analysis is enriched with derived measures, allowing you to easily identify how a department is performing compared to similar departments in your organization.

Additional calculations

Experience2Go provides an additional analysis of who is promoting your brand or who is turning away.

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