Data integration platform

Data integration platform: gain insights that fuel business growth

Collect, harmonize, and integrate all sources of marketing data, and turn them into actionable insights.

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The art of harmonizing and enriching your data

Companies spend valuable time and money crunching data that is not compatible because of inconsistent and incomparable reporting across various data sources. The first step of getting a grip on your data is to harmonize all different sources, and to correct inconsistencies and errors within the data.

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The science of marketing analytics for real actionable insights

Simply displaying combined data in standard reports isn’t enough anymore to fuel business growth. Through enriched data and embedded analytics, we create better and new business KPIs. These allow you to see how things correlate, and enable you to calculate the impact each driver has on your business.

Real insights that help you discover growth opportunities and control potential business blockers and drivers.

Use data to make the difference
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  • 5-25%

    Revenue impact of optimized media ROI

  • 5-10%

    Sustainable revenue impact

  • 20-70%

    Time savings and workflow enhancements

  • 10x

    More and faster fact-based decisions

Use data to make the difference
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“We are extremely impressed with the breadth of functionality and ease of use available in MarketingTracker 5, in comparison with competing products we have evaluated. MT5 gives an opportunity to offer a suite of good-looking dashboard solutions built on a common foundation.”


Global Market Research Agency

The true power of a data integration platform

An integrated data platform enriches, integrates and harmonizes all your marketing data, provides fully automated marketing analytics, and generates a whole new level of insights and foresight. In addition, the software allows you to share insights with automatically updated Storyboards.

  • The data integration software automatically adds new statistics, and time dimensions to your data, solving the difference in time reporting in the data
  • Effortlessly perform marketing analytics at scale with Marketing Tracker software
  • Live and continuous reporting helps you stay on top of things and enables you to take timely action

Fuel your business growth

Turn your marketing data into impactful business decisions.
We'll guide you step by step.
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