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Enable your clients to maximize the impact of their media budgets with more effective planning through data-led insights.

The digital attribution challenge
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Data-led strategies to create the right outcomes

Media agencies are facing rapid changes. To keep up with the ever-changing landscape, agencies need to find new ways to help their clients achieve success. Our media agency software allows your team to quickly and accurately build marketing mix models. These help you understand which marketing elements are working well and which need to change to deliver superior performance to your clients.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Conduct rapid marketing mix modeling

Get valuable insights into the key performance drivers of your clients businesses using our powerful machine learning powered marketing mix measurement tools.

Marketing dashboards

Deliver insights to clients in a customized dashboard

Insights need to be shared. With our new marketing mix data platform, you can easily create a client accessible report which allows for sharing of reports in an interactive and secure manner.

Media Agency Pitch

Demonstrate your analytical capabilities for a winning pitch

Show your potential customers the great results your marketing plan could realize for them. Agencies all over the world demonstrate their commitment to ROI with pitches featuring our tools.

Win businesses and improve performance with ScanmarQED’s media agency software

Data Integration_2-1

Data Integration Platform

Integrate the current media agency trends and trustworthy data alongside your clients’ performance data in order to speed up reporting, analysis and campaign optimization.

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Mix Modeling & Planning

Replace gut feeling with data-led insights and forecast the impact of future campaigns with our marketing mix modeling solutions. Integrated thinking will lead to better performance and happier clients.

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Use our media agency software to vastly improve the performance of your clients' campaigns.
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