Training & Certification

We train your team to become experts in marketing analytics so you can support your cusomters

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Training for partners

Take the first step in accelerating your business growth

Our team is committed to helping your clients and employees get trained across all ScanmarQED solutions to empower you with the knowledge you require.

Support for your staff to learn our solutions and to support your customers

Check out our on-demand training materials or request a session with our consulting team. With a variety of options, your employees can take the learning journey that works best for them so they are ready to support your customers when the time comes.


  • Self-learning portal
    Learn at your own pace as you go through a range of courses. Training materials include learning modules, videos, and exams to measure competency.
    Benefit: Employee Certification - ready to confidently support your customers
  • Consultant-led sessions
    Our consultants can work side by side with your team. They can analyze your insights, provide Quality Assurance (QA) support and design new training modules and documentation for your clients that will meet your specific requirements.
    Benefit: Company Specialization

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