Sales & Operations Planning

Create better plans with sales and operations planning software

Use sales and operations planning software to align the input and data from all departments properly, and create better plans as a result.

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Monitor all sales and operational processes and plan accordingly

For many businesses, operational sales planning is a tough task. Many departments need to be involved, ranging from key account managers to baseline planners to finance. A sales and operations planning solution ensures that factors that influence sales can be monitored and planned across one system, with a full demand plan as a result.

Collaborative and transparent information sharing

Ensure that all team members are using the same information and following the same workflow. This collaborative approach allows organizations to leverage the power of multiple departments without subjecting them to risks that often arise from cross-departmental workflows and information sharing.

How to align data suppliers
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  • >10%

    Accuracy improvement

  • 50%

    Account management time saving

How to align data suppliers
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“We are extremely impressed with the breadth of functionality and ease of use available, in comparison with competing products we have evaluated.”


Global market research agency

A fast and transparent web-based S&OP solution

Web-based sales and operations planning software features reporting, trade promotion, marketing and baseline planning modules. Core insights are available to demonstrate past and predicted financial performance across the entire P&L. This data can be aggregated in order to create scenarios that lead to better decision making.


  • Create, compare and adjust plans faster, easier and more accurately
  • Easily view how every plan is constructed
  • Efficiently share information across teams and departments
  • Build scenarios and base your decisions on the best scenarios

Drastically improve your sales and operations planning

Create better plans, gain deeper insights, and make more informed decisions.
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