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Improve your sales and operations planning with an all-in-one solution

Growing your brands requires accurate planning. PlanCaster assists you by combining ex-factory, market research and other external data to create demand forecasts. Trade promotion and marketing planning processes are embedded. Different (budget) scenarios can be created and compared. And after execution, PlanCaster delivers the tools to evaluate and optimize.

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Integrated and easy-to-use modules

PlanCaster allows for the integration of different PlanCaster modules for a full overview of your planning and forecasting activities. PlanCaster’s easy-to-use interface enables all users to access the information.

Automated planning

The demand planning process is automated. Only exceptions need to be solved manually. Plans are more accurate and take less time to complete.

Predict profit and turnover

Automatically predict profit and turnover based on volume forecasts, pricing, discounts and cost rates.

Specifications & features

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Marketing Planner

Marketing Planner is a PlanCaster S&OP module used to support and optimize the registering of marketing events and campaigns to get an overview of the complete marketing plan and to incorporate marketing effects in the demand plans.

Trade Promo Planner

Trade Promo Planner is a PlanCaster S&OP module used to support and optimize the Trade Promotion Planning process by offering guidance and insight into the process steps. Trade promotion effects are immediately visible in the demand plans.


Budgeter is a PlanCaster S&OP module to create P&L models that are able to generate a financial outlook based on the demand plan. By using the scenario manager, different financial P&L cashflows can be compared and analyzed.

Scenario Manager

The Scenario Manager is used to create, copy and compare sales and demand plans. Scenarios can be used to create budget scenarios or for comparison of the latest estimates.

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