Pricing & Promotions

Business Case

Most sales and marketing teams lack insights in the revenue impact of potential price changes, both on category as well as brand level. Promotions are, in most cases, evaluated on a case by case basis. Insights in multiple promotions, promotional mechanisms, forward buying and the impact on brand level sales is unfortunately a time consuming effort and missing in most companies.

Consequences of inaction

This often leads to ineffective promotional plans, too many rebates, unnecessary high forward buying levels and sub zero promo ROIs. Additionally, planning becomes more of a lucky shot than a conscious informed decision-making process, and maybe worse, lack of persuasiveness and credibility as account managers towards retailers.

Potential gains from action

More advanced analysis of pricing and promotions result in clear insights into how products in a category compete on price, and which pricing strategies will create additional revenues and profits – both for the retailer as for the brand owner. Advanced promo analysis will create insights in all promotional KPIs for the brand owner and retailer.


The related modules that offer these gains are Promo2Go, the ready-to-run promotional analyzer which unifies and connects promotional planning data, scanning data and internal sales data on SKU level. priceQED enables continuous analysis and monitoring of pricing strategies and competitive shifts in the category.