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Quickly build robust & reliable models to make smarter business decisions

A better approach to your media mix strategy

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A flexible solution for wherever you are in your analytics journey​

Whether you are looking to run Media Mix Modeling and Planning in-house or want to work with a partner who will manage the process for you, our solution provides flexibility, transparency and focuses on continuous improvement and insight creation.


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Do it for you
Fully managed solution

Our experienced team can run the process for you from end-to-end; handling the data and delivering you actionable recommendations.​

We provide: Private cloud, Data management and harmonization, Modeling and Dashboard services

You provide: Internal Point of Contact, Management of data vendors

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Do it together
Hybrid solution

Whether it’s helping to build out an in-house capability, relieving resource bottlenecks or providing an external sounding board, we provide the software and support model for a successful collaboration. ​

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Do it yourself
Internal capability

If you are looking to create an internal solution you can use our tools to quickly build a media measurement process.

We provide: Technologies, Extensive training, Technical support

You provide: Data management, Analytical Personnel

Data-driven business planning

We believe MMM is more than research – it’s a business planning tool.

  • Robust & reliable model-building that is fast and easy to scale
  • Flexible and practical media mix optimization modules (handling all the real-world considerations you need to account for)​
  • Seamless load MMM models into planning tools to quickly move from insight to action​


Understand the impact of your marketing activities

Quantify the impact of your sales and marketing activities and establish the influence that competitor actions and macro factors have on performance.

Ace your budget

Identify the right media plan for your business objectives. Maximize sales across a specific period or deliver against a profitability target.

Actionable insights for budget planning and optimization

Get actionable insights to make smarter decisions in terms of budget planning optimization. Identify levers to pull and investments to cut.


Pioneering MMM software​

Our Media Mix Modeling software was the first in the industry to harness machine-learning techniques to speed up the model-building process, resulting in huge time savings compared with traditional approaches.

Built by practitioners, we offer practical tools to speed up the steps that slow things down so you can focus more of your attention on the interpretation and actionability of the results.

Transparency is at the heart of the proposition. We don’t believe in black boxes – all the assumptions are laid out and configurable so you can have total confidence in the output.

  • Test and build models quickly and efficiently, and refresh them as new data becomes available
  • Use the AI-powered modeling engine to run models fast and at scale
  • Use models to optimize budgets and achieve sales goals​

Whitepaper: How to build an in-house Marketing Mix Modeling capability

How to build an inhouse Marketing Mix Modeling Capability

Marketing & Media Mix Modeling (MMM) is firmly established as the most reliable, applicable, and insightful way for brands to quantify the key drivers of growth. Without objective measurement, allocation and optimization of the marketing budget would be messy guesswork. Nowadays the question lies not in whether you should do it, but rather how can you do it.

Optimize your media mix modeling and planning and make better business decisions

We’ll guide you step by step.
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