Turning Big Data Into Smart Insights.

Siloed data and a variety of data sources can stall your decision-making. Marketing departments without unified data sources are spending up to 30-70% of time manually processing data. It's not good for your strategy. It's not good for staff morale.

ScanmarQED offer a single platform that can transform the way you deal with your data. Instead of wasting time crunching numbers you can spend more time savouring the information. It's what marketing people were made for. Integrated data is the high octane fuel for marketing analysis. Build your own easy to operate dashboards and Discover insights in seconds. Analyze past campaigns and test thousands of models per minute. Push your marketing to the limit. Create, explore and discover the possibilities.

Marketing Mix Modelling unchained.

Don't let data overwhelm you. Let data work for you to inspire better decision-making. We have some of the most advanced optimization and forecasting tools to help you integrate, monitor, measure and optimize your marketing using internal and external sources. Enlighten. Discover. Create. Take your marketing to the Max.

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The Road to Data Discovery.

ScanmarQED was formed through the merger of two of the leading pioneers in data analytics. The merger brought together the foremost expertise in data integration and predictive analysis under one roof. Combining the unique range of tools and supporting services allows marketing functions to discover insights from the past and create more profitable Marketing Mix Models for the future. Through a FastTracked approach, dashboards bring together internal and external data to provide even faster insights. Agencies, consultants and brand owners all over the world are just starting to discover the impact of using (the right) tooling and supporting services that enhances decision making, boosts sales and maximizes brand performance. Finding the right tools that identify the data that matters, makes the journey often a long one. Whether you are just starting out or a MMM-expert, we're here to help you deliver the insights you need to get more out of your Marketing.

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