Dare to do more
with your data

Use ScanmarQED’s Marketing Analytics and Planning software for better budget allocation, more accurate demand forecasting and optimal marketing mix planning.
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We automate data analysis, saving your time by allowing instant access to insights and empowering you to drive business growth.

Marketing Analytics, Forecasting and Planning

Our Marketing Analytics, Forecasting and Planning software build marketing mix models at scale, optimize portfolio spend in minutes, and process thousands of respondent-level data feeds per week.

Our analytical software applications run on top of a collaborative data and knowledge platform that ensures quality data, meaningful data integration and enriched business insights. This enables your company to easily share knowledge, and promotes better and faster decision-making.

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Faster projects

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A flexible solution for wherever you are in your analytics journey​

Our solutions provide flexibility, transparency and focus on continuous improvement and insight creation.


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Do it for you
Fully managed solution

Our experienced team can run the process for you from end-to-end; handling the data, maintaining and servicing your platform and delivering you actionable recommendations.​

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Do it together
Hybrid solution

We help you build an in-house capability, relieve resource bottlenecks or provide an external sounding board with 100% transparency and control.

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Do it yourself
Internal capability

If you are looking to create an internal solution you can use our tools.
We provide technologies, extensive training and technical support.

Dare to do more with your data

Drive your business growth with automated data analysis and instant access to the insights that you need!
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