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ScanmarQED provides practical analytical solutions for marketing and sales professionals. Our data-driven software and consulting services are designed to help you make informed decisions to optimize your marketing and sales strategy and achieve your business goals.

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Deliver Insights Quickly and Efficiently

We understand that time is of the essence in today's fast-paced business world, which is why our solutions are designed to deliver insights quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Our software and services turn your data into actionable insights to optimize your marketing and media plans, build your brand, accurately forecast sales and plan effective price and promotional strategies.

marketing effectivenes measurment

Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

Measure the Impact of your marketing activities and uncover the perfect marketing mix with AI-driven attribution.

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Revenue Optimisation

Revenue Optimization

Understand your sales performance, plan effective sales strategies and unlock your business's full potential.

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Brand and Consumer

Brand & Consumer Insights

Generate powerful brand and consumer insights to fuel your marketing and transform your brand identity into strategic advantage.

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Helping you plan for growth through our flexible operating model


ScanmarQED maintains and services your platform with a seasoned team of engineers. ​

We provide: Private cloud, data management and harmonization, dashboard services.

You provide: Subject matter expertise, management of data vendors.


Specialized tools enable Data Science to incorporate best practices, passing work back and forth between external & internal while keeping 100% transparency and control.

You decide: How much support you need from ScanmarQED.


If you are looking to create an internal solution

We provide: Technologies, extensive training via a learning platform and knowledge base, technical support, and feature refresh updates.

You provide: Data management, and analytical personnel.

What our clients say about us


"StrataQED is simply brilliant. It makes modelling and analysis so much easier and faster than other solutions I’ve tried. It’s worth its weight in gold the amount of time and resource I’ve saved. It’s easy to get started with, but the features are never ending. Anytime I think, “Do you know it would be handy if it could do this….” I dig a little deeper and find it can already do what I want it to do.​ Customer support is second to none, if I ever have any questions about the software, there’s someone on the phone to me on the same day to support and answer any questions I have. 10/10 would recommend." 

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"We needed a partner that could not only understand how the business makes investment decisions but also challenge us in finding better ways to make our planning processes work and the inputs and collaboration that might be needed for that. With Nick’s expertise and the support from ScanmarQED, we were able to do just that."

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“ScanmarQED offers a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate platform with a clean, intuitive interface. The platform is backed by a responsive team which provides prompt support when required, and an industry-leading e-learning programme, resulting in competent and confident users. All in all, a great choice for any organisation looking to create an MMM capability”

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“If we had to do the same work without the QED tools, we would need at least 10 people, instead of 4.”

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“The big advantage of the QED apps is the speed to getting to working on the model and working out what’s going on rather than bogging down in set up. This allows us to focus more on making effective decisions and making an impact on client’s businesses.”

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"The guided analysis and tailor made dashboards let us focus on analysis and insights instead of data and information. The end benefit is that our commercial teams have more focus on the business and can pursue additional opportunities."

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