Han Meijer, CEO
Han Meijer

I’m Han Meijer, CEO of ScanmarQED. My career started in the local sales and marketing consumer goods industry (Unilever), where I managed leading brands. Later, I moved on to a consulting career (Accenture) where I specialized in global media and marketing consultancy as well as mix modelling consultancy. In 2010, I had the privilege of joining Scanmar as partner, and successfully merged the company with marketingQED in March 2016 to form ScanmarQED. During this period, I moved Scanmar from being a local business to an established global operation; in doing so, I helped build a new, more scalable, cloud-based vision for the company.

Managing Director

John Dawson, Managing Director
John Dawson

As a co-founder of marketingQED and then ScanmarQED, Since my Accenture-days I've worked around the world helping shape the vision for our solutions in the Services and Consulting space. With a long background in Marketing Effectiveness Consulting across a range of industries such as Telecoms, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Hospitality, Consumer Electronics and Banking, I continue to work on helping to solve complex company-level Marketing questions for a wide portfolio of markets.

Chief Technology Officer

Drew Barnes, Chief Technology Officer
Drew Barnes

I lead the development of our software solutions. I've been building software systems to analyse marketing effectiveness for over 17 years (Edge, Accenture, marketingQED) and I love the challenge we have set ourselves at ScanmarQED. Quite simply I want us to have software that you want to talk about, that amazes and delights you. Our mission is to produce software that makes analysis enjoyable rather than feeling like you are drowning in numbers. If you have any ideas for new things you’d like to see, then drop me a line and I'll see what we can do.

Vice-President North America

Brian Cusick, VP North America
Brian Cusick

I lead the North American business unit for ScanmarQED, ensuring that both new and existing clients get the most value from our services and products. My expertise is in quantitative marketing research (previously at AC Nielsen, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods), with a focus on data driven business planning and marketing mix based optimization.  I rely on my combination of client-side experience and consulting expertise to make sure that I understand the needs of our clients, that our offerings deliver on their promises, and that we continue to innovate and grow.

Director MENA Region

Tom van Der Poel, Director MENA Region
Tom van der Poel

Tom van der Poel (MBA) is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has worked been in contact with ScanmarQED since 2015. As the director for the MENA region, he is servicing ScanmarQED’s Middle Eastern clients, as well as building and expanding our presence in the larger Middle East market.

Tom is 43 years old, speaks Dutch, English and Spanish fluently, is married with two children and enjoys cooking and playing golf.