Marketing Attribution

Take the guesswork out of your Marketing

Our AI attribution models and Budget Optimizer make it easy for you to make sense of your marketing data, assess each channel’s effectiveness and allocate your marketing budget efficiently

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Data-driven Attribution

Today’s customer journey doesn’t consist of a single touchpoint. Customers are interacting with multiple channels and marketing touchpoints before converting.

Data-driven marketing attribution enables you to understand how these different channels work together, showing you the contribution of every touchpoint along the way.



Harness the Power of Data-driven Marketing Attribution



Compare different data-driven marketing attribution models and get simple and actionable insights.

Assess marketing channel effectiveness and attributed ROI using our data-driven attribution models.

Understand the ROI of your marketing campaigns and assign your budget to those channels which bring you the best results.

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Performance Monitor

Performance metrics are available in just two clicks. Zoom in on a specific part of the conversion path or view it in its entirety.

Zoom out and get instant insights on your whole marketing funnel or zoom in and navigate between two specific metrics, from investment all the way to your marketing profit.

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Budget Optimizer

Identify oversaturated or undersaturated channels and get recommendations for budget reallocation based on your goals.

The model learns from the client’s historical investments and revenues and then proposes an optimized online channel mix and budget split. You can configure it for maximizing profit, revenue, reaching a target ROI or focusing on select channels.

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