Optimize your promotional accuracy

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A quick and automated analysis of your promotional effectiveness

Promo2Go calculates and visualizes promotional effectiveness. The automated evaluation of all promotions replaces manual work and the resulting insights are made available by storylines which guide you through the relevant steps. The insights displayed on the dashboard support informed decisions on future promotional and demand planning by looking at the short term and long term benefits on share development, incremental ROI on promotion spend, margin impact and more.

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Standardized analysis

Promo2Go provides a logical analysis path for all stakeholders and guides you through the relevant steps while looking at the same data for different perspectives.

Automated evaluation

Each promotion that you run is instantly evaluated to understand the impact on the line item and the brand.

Identification of the drivers of promotional effectiveness

Gain a deeper understanding of the drivers behind the effectiveness of a promotion and compare which mechanisms to use.

Optimization of promotional accuracy

Promo2Go provides insights to inform future decisions on promotions and increase promotional accuracy.

Specifications and Features

Data integration:

Scanning, sales and planning data is automatically integrated and enriched with new algorithms. The different data sources are harmonized and updated over time.

Comprehensive dashboards:

The analysis is automatically presented in a set of easy to digest dashboards. The dashboards are refreshed on the go.

Share information:

Publish and export the data or dashboards for others within your company.

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