Getting started

At ScanmarQED, we have a range of training options available to our clients from ad-hoc one-to-one sessions where our experienced consultants will sit next to your team and mentor them to our online e-learning courses which help to develop and validate new analytical skills in your analysts.

During our training courses, participants often work using their own data and tackle live business problems. Doing so helps shorten the learning curve. This allows them to hit the ground running after the training course has finished. We set learning goals in consultation with you based on the KSA model - Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes. After all, it's vital that your staff not only know how to use the system, but that they actually start using it as effectively and efficiently as possible. We've designed our training courses to meet your organization or user group's specific requirements.


Learn everything there is to know about forecasting and marketing analytics through unlimited access to online training videos and documentation.


Want to conduct marketing mix analysis, but not sure where is the best place to start or if you have all of the relevant information? We run in-house workshops to help you identify the key challenges being faced by your business that could be addressed by using marketing mix modelling as well as the data that would be required to undertake this task.

We can then help you uncover the data sources that you already have available that would be suitable for modelling, and advise what additional information would be helpful.

Once you’re up and running we can also help you turn your models into actionable insights by working with you to create and run scenarios to optimise your marketing budget.

If you’d like us to come and run a marketing mix analysis workshop with your team, contact us today.


Learn how to become an expert user in the areas of Forecasting and Marketing Analytics.