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Automate the analysis, enrichment, and integration of marketing and market data sources, and easily share storyboards for better decision making with MarketingTracker. Get a demo or download our brochure to learn more.

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All your marketing data at your fingertips in a fully automated insights platform

MarketingTracker is specifically developed to make decision making better, faster and easier. MarketingTracker enables you to easily understand what’s happening in your markets and your brands, and what’s driving this. Insights can easily be shared through storyboards and presentations are automatically produced in line with management reporting cycles. MarketingTracker provides you with many robust data analysis options and allows you to visualize your data in any way you want. Gain greater collaborative insights and analytical power all in one platform.

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Perform advanced marketing analytics

MarketingTracker adds business logic to data, for specific business analyses such as promotion ROI analysis, consumer behavior analysis or retail insights analysis. Embedded knowledge (AI) enables you to quickly navigate through automated analytical paths and find the root causes of performance. Standard functions such as pivot data tables, rule-based selections, apply conditional or ID-based formatting, drilldowns and drill throughs are available as well.

Save time with automated updates

All analysis, storyboards and presentations are updated automatically when new data comes in, saving you valuable time.

Visualize and share your insights

MarketingTracker allows you to analyze your insights and share these with easy to digest storyboards. This enables you to share your insights, including a storyline, to decision makers in a way they will understand.

Specifications & features

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Data connectors

The data connectors in the software ensure that your data is enriched and harmonized automatically. Errors in the data are flagged and reported.

Collaborate with users within the company

Add notes to your data and create storyboards before sharing your insights within the company to ensure everyone understands what decisions should be made.

FastTrack for agencies

MarketingTracker FastTrack is a DIY configuration of the software designed for Market Research and Media agencies. The complete process of data ingestion, data validation, enriching data, creation of templated dashboards and the online sharing of these with the end clients of agencies is made fast and easy. This enables the agencies to deliver valuable insights with high quality output, great visualization and very fast delivery timelines.

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